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Designing for modern, connected cyclists

The Atom is specifically designed to output a high quality, USB compatible 5V @ up to 1000mA. In English, that means that if your device can be charged with a USB connection (iPhones, and iPods, Galaxy phones, GPS trackers, etc.), then it will take a charge from the Atom. The 1000mA charge rate is the same as if you were plugged into the wall, which means your device will go from fully flat to fully charged, just as fast on the bike as it would sitting on your desk.

We worked hard to keep the Atom low profile. Weighing in at only 300 grams, it is 7.5” tall, 3.0” wide, and 1.2” deep, including all component parts. We like to think of it as a beefy iPhone.

Integrated seamlessly into the body is a 1650mAh battery pack (compare vs. iPhone 5’s 1440mAh) that charges wherever you go. This means a over 100% charge on your iPhone 5 from dead flat, anywhere you need it. Your bike just got powerful…and so did your pocket.

Why use the Atom? Power up now, and save it for later.

The Atom is as much a luxury as it is a necessary convenience for modern connected cyclists. If you take stock, the number of phones, tablets, GPS’s, bike lights, gadgets, and gizmos that require juice quickly requires two hands. With the Atom, you’ll never be far from a charge — one powered with your own two legs, capturing something you were already creating, and putting it somewhere you can use. Ride to work, a coffee shop, or into the hills and you’ll have a portable charge pack at your beck and call.

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