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We started Siva Cycle to transform the energy and passion of cycling into usable electricity for everyday. Our motivations range from that 5pm pain of having a dead phone, to the over 1.5 billion people globally that lack access to any form of power. We design products for the modern, connected cyclist, inspired by everyday needs.

Siva Cycle’s design brain, Aaron Latzke, is an engineer and a born inventor. On a work assignment in Belgium a few years ago, he rode a slew of bicycles with old-style dynamo generators rubbing front wheels to give him waning, unsteady light. “Awesome technology,” he thought, “…in 1950.” Motivated by the ingenuity of the past, he set out to create the 21st century bicycle generator for hyper-connected riders. Ready to go right out of the box, the Atom is fuel for the future of cycling. It’s designed for our modern, connected lifestyles, and inspired by cyclists of the past.

Dave Delcourt, Siva Cycle’s other co-founder, has worked his entire career in energy and sustainability, getting around on two wheels whenever possible. Two years ago, constantly on the road, working out of coffee shops and continuously running out of juice (along with many others looking for spare outlets), he started thinking seriously about inventing new ways of generating on-demand power. His two-wheeled companion a beautiful and obvious solution: use the bicycle as its own energy grid. And when he told his idea to a mutual friend of Aaron’s, it was a few short months before Siva Cycle was born.